Website Process


Project Discussion

Discuss, brainstorm, and find solution

We'll discuss about what you need. Either a content website, an e-commerce website, a membership type of website or a mix. We'll brainstorm on what you currently have, what is needed and what you will need for your website. Then I will find you the best solution for your website.

Website Content

Gather all images and text

For website redesign, I will back up your current website so you won't lose any data. For new websites, I'll need at least 80% of the content written up along with supporting images. If no images are provided, I can supply stock images or do some actual photography for your website.


Your way is my way

Depending on your needs, I may have different mockups to choose from for your website. There may be some portion that you'd like from one and some from another, and I can mix and match any part of the website to give you the look and feel that you would want.

Time Estimate

Approximate Delivery Date

I'll give you an approximate time when the website will be done. Please do note that if you decide to change/add new contents to the website while in development, these new additions or changes may push back the schedule.


Coding, testing, debugging

In development phase, I will start setting up your website and coding

Live website update

Seeing your website as it progresses

I will create a special link for you to view your website. You will not be surprised with a finished website. You will see the changes to your website as days pass and according to the time schedule. Some things may be done sooner than other while some may take longer but you will see how it progresses and can give feed back.

Website Completion

All done!

Once your website is done, you'll breath a sign of relieve. It will be functional, and will be beautiful.

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