The Unborn Princess

Life can be so beautiful, yet so unfair
And some decisions are so hard to bear
Regardless, we love you unconditionally
For now and for all eternity
You will always be our tiny princess

We would had loved to see you grow
To be a person, full of life and glow
Not to become a person we want you to be,
But to be your own self, unique and free.
You will always be our daughter.

Ever since we had first heard your heartbeat
Our hopes and future for you were so sweet
We had envisioned you in our lives
Teaching you music, arts and crafts.
You will always stay beautiful.

We had looked forward to see your smile.
To hear your laugh with your mother’s eyes.
All the cutest things you would say and do.
And share the whole wide world with you.
You will always have a part of us.

Do not worry, your life is not in vain.
Life is also full of lessons, and we will try again.
This experience has made mother and I closer,
and this will make us even stronger.
You will be missed.

We will always keep a part of you in our hearts.

by Ty Yang

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