Best useful WordPress plugins

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There are actually recommended, and popular plugins for WordPress. However there are so many out there, it can be hard to choose which one will work for what you need. I’ve compiled a list of plugins that through testing and usage, I think they are worth installing and even mandatory for a WordPress site. See below:


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Forms and messaging:
Ninja Forms
If it wasn’t for being a little server heavy, it’s a great plugin for forms. The advantage about this plugin is the fact that it saves a record of the submissions. Other forms, just send the information with no back up. At least, if the form doesn’t send for some reason, Ninja Forms will keep a record.

Contact form 7
This is a very good plugin to send forms. It is very easy to use and understand, and there are a lot of support that will help you in case something doesn’t work right. This contact form do not keep a records, but it is light and works well.

Really Simple CAPTCHA (for contact for 7)
This is an add-on for the Contact Form 7 if you wish to add captcha to your forms.

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Security / Back up:
WPS Hide Login
This plugin ought to be a must have for your WordPress website. It is a simple plugin that changes the url link of your WordPress admin login. It is too easy for anyone to just type /wp-login.php or simply /wp-admin after your domain name to access the login page. With the WPS Hide Login plugin, you can a specific url for you to log onto your site, keeping your site a bit more secured.

iTheme Security
This plugin will help you track who’s coming to your site and give you some preliminary protection. Compared to some other security plugin, iTheme Security is much easier to understand and use. Pro version is also available, but free version should suffice for most users.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
Most useful back up plugin. This plugin actually back up your data in zip format so you can download and back up. Unlike some other plugin, UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore is simple to use, and does not save in some weird compressed file.


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SEO Ultimate
If your theme doesn’t come with an SEO plugin, this one will do the trick. The plugin has all the tools needed to have your pages indexed by search engines.

AG Custom Admin
Another alternative to Admin Menu Editor, but this one has much more options to customize the way your admin looks.

WPFront User Role Editor
This is a very useful plugin to add new roles and edit current ones.

.html on PAGES
This adds .html to your pages so they can be indexed easier by search engines.

Easy Maintenance Mode
Starting the site and not ready for public viewing? or something wrong on the site you don’t want viewers to see? This plugin can put your site into maintenance mode and viewers will come to a landing page alerting them that your site is under maintenance. 
Popup Maker
This is a simple plugin to create a pop up when people visit your page(s) or activated on a link or button.

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Revolution Slider
This plugin adds a very nice slider for your home page. The slider has unlimited versatility and options.

Hide My WP
Want to hide your WordPress admin login link? This plugin will do that and more. That way, it makes your site a tab bit more secured.

Best language translation plugin. I can translate everything from menus, to post and articles, to widgets.


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